THE LAUNDRESS - Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths


THE LAUNDRESS - Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths

These versatile Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths are perfect for laundry and home cleaning. Use to spot treat clothing and upholstery; unlike a sponge, washcloth, or paper towel, they won’t leave messy residue behind. Use when ironing to protect against scorching and marking. Clean the entire home, from glass and windows to surfaces, dishes, and more. All with less waste and less mess—just wash and reuse.


For laundry: Spot treat stains without having to wash the entire item. Do not use paper or other towels, as they will leave pulp and lint behind.

For ironing: To protect delicate items from direct heat and scorching when ironing, lay the cloth between the iron and the item.

To Clean: Wash with the Whites Detergent on a normal cycle in hot water.

For the home: Use instead of paper towels when cleaning windows, mirrors, and countertops. Use as a kitchen towel for drying dishes and hands.

Did you know...

Cotton is a gentle yet durable fiber that’s versatile and appropriate for most cleaning needs. It also has excellent absorbency, allowing you to easily soak up messes and to dry dishes and hands. Fabric softener reduces this absorbency over time. Be judicious when using softener with items such as towels, napkins, and cloths.

Cotton fabrics can withstand hot temperatures for washing and ironing. When ironing, it’s important to protect delicate items from direct heat and scorching by using a pressing cloth. Lay a Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth between the iron and the item for protection.

These lint-free cloths are more effective than paper towels! Paper towels are made of two loosely woven sheets of wood pulp that are glued together with adhesive. When cleaning, the adhesive breaks down and produces lint particles, abrasion, smearing, and streaking.


Wash with hot water.

Use fabric softener.

100% lint-free cotton with a twill corner tag for hanging between uses. Twill ribbon is stamped with “The Laundress.”
3 cloths per package. Each cloth is 19" x 25. 8"
Made in India.


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