SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM - Refillable Paper Compact - Single Eyeshadow


SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM - Refillable Paper Compact - Single Eyeshadow


All of SAPPHO's pressed products are offered as refills: face powders, blushes and eyeshadows are sold separately to fit into their eco-friendly empty magnetic compacts. Aligning SAPPHO's quest for sustainability with yours.

Meant for mixing-and-matching colors that work for you and refilling those you use most when they run out. Toss the empty metal pan in the recycling bin and purchase a new one in a refill envelope, as needed, to reduce plastic waste and embrace a zero waste lifestyle.

A small step towards a better way of consuming beauty, better for us and the planet.

  • Lightweight, made from pressed recycled paper
  • Insert and remove products as needed, held with a concealed magnet
  • Fit standard pressed powder pan sizes

Please note this is sold unfilled to create your own palette.

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