Made in carcere - MAKEUP + SKINCARE BAG #3


Made in carcere - MAKEUP + SKINCARE BAG #3

All Made in carcere products are made by women prisoners, using exclusively leftover fabrics, recycled material that is reused with creativity to give them a "second life". Women prisoners that are involved in the project get the chance to learn skilled work and be self-sufficient or are able to send some money home. 

People that buy Made in carcer products support an educational project that is positive for the environment.  

ETICA: the main goal of Made in Carcere to spread the philosophy of "Second Chance" for women prisoners and "Second Life" for fabric. A message of hope, solidarity, but also freedom and respect for the environment. 

ESTETICA: Irony, simplicity, and creativity are the characteristics that differentiate Made in carcere products. They are born from fabric and material coming exclusively from leftovers coming from Italian manufacturers that believe in the project and are sensitive to social and environmental matters.

WHO MAKES THE BAG? Every prisoner working at Made in carcere has a unique story which makes every bag also unique. 

Remember the 4 "R" Recycle, Reuse, Re-source, Reduce

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