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Live Botanical

LIVE BOTANICAL - Clear Skies Hydramist

LIVE BOTANICAL - Clear Skies Hydramist

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LIVE BOTANICAL - Clear Skies Hydramist

A medley of Witch-hazel and Sweet Annie hydrosols plus Live Botanical's garden-grown meadowsweet lend comfort from common skin woes. A plethora of cooling whole plant compounds that soothe the skin from active breakouts, bites, cuts. When used as part of facial care rituals, we find this beneficial for those who tend to produce more oil.

No added essential oils where the natural, unique aroma transports you to a summer thunderstorm on a wide-open prairie.  A scent of big sky, cool earth, green twigs, and sagebrush-like sweetness.

Hydrosols are a staple in herbal skincare to incorporate water-soluble nutrients such as trace aromatic compounds and biological acids. Resulting in a base that’s perfect for balancing the skin's pH, incorporating hydration, and improving the absorption of key ingredients from follow-up steps such as facial and body oils.

How to use: After cleansing, apply the toner by either misting generously directly on the face OR saturating a cotton round and sweeping over the skin.

It can also be used to reduce discomfort from minor cuts and over-sunned skin.

INGREDIENTS: hamamelis virginiana (witch-hazel) hydrosol*^, artemisia annua (sweet annie) hydrosol*^, distilled water, glycerin, [extracts of filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet)leaf & flower*^, urtica dioica (nettle) leaf*^, melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf*^, sambucus nigra (elder) flower*^ and plantago major (plantain) leaf*^], avena sativa (oat) extract*^, lactobacillus ferment, pentylene glycol (derived from sugar beet), tamarindus indica (tamarind) seed extract, and heart's ease flower essence*^

*organic   |   ^regionally sourced

92% Regionally Sourced


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