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KERZON - Hand Cleansing Spray - Mint & Fig

KERZON - Hand Cleansing Spray - Mint & Fig

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KERZON - Hand Cleansing Spray - Mint & Fig

This cleansing spray effectively washes your hands without water. Its formulation is based on a mix of natural glycerin and organic aloe vera, which leaves your skin soft, clean, and freshly scented, without the risk of any pesky allergen.

The cleansing spray washes the skin without the need for rinsing. The exhilarating first sip of a mint tea... Like taking a dip at the edge of the Mediterranean, the infused mint invigorates and cools against the summer heat. Accompanied by a ripe fig, its slightly powdery scent offers a moment outside of time. Once in your hands, the escape is instantaneous. Its aromatic wake lasts for long minutes, so enjoy every second.

  • Eliminate impurities from everyday life
  • Moisturizing and protective natural glycerin
  • Nourishing organic Aloe Vera
  • Light, transparent, non-sticky texture
  • Bottle 100% recycled from household waste
  • Concentrated at 62% alcohol (Ethanol 96 °)

How to use: Spray on your hands and rub together until fully absorbed (without using water).

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol denat, Aqua(water), glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, parfum (fragrance).

*Certified organic ingredient.

1.69 fl.oz

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