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2 x 100% Cotton Extra Fluffy Mitts

A person can never have enough fluffy mitts, Jane Scrivner do include a Fluffy Mitt with every Nourishing Cleanser, but if you want more, they totally understand....

The mitt is not just for decoration, when cleansing, the mitt rinsed in warm water helps to remove the cleanser efficiently and effectively.

When rinsed in cool water, it 'tones' the skin. Your mitt also acts as a gentle daily exfoliator.

Why not have extra mitts, so that you have a fresh mitt every day with no chance of running short.

How to use: Use as instructed to remove your NOURISHING CLEANSER after cleansing or to clear skin after MASQUERADE 'splash off'.  Or simply luxuriate in the 100% cotton, fluffiness of them.

INGREDIENTS: A Pair of 100% Cotton, luxury towelling mitts.

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