Kosas is a visionary collection of nourishing, skin-flattering color cosmetics. Limited only by their own imagination and not bound by tradition, they create unparalleled blends that feel better, last longer, and make an impact.

They take their name from the philosophy of the five “kosas” of self. According to this philosophy, there are five intersecting and connected layers of self that communicate with each other: a physical layer, a vitalizing layer of energy, a sensory mental layer, a discerning intellectual layer, and a layer of truthful bliss. Beauty lives in each of these layers, not just in the physical.

Clean Active Skincare: At Kosas they use super nourishing ingredients that bring real skincare benefits: hydrating, soothing, brightening, plumping, and more.

Clean Comfy Feeling: They obsess over the sensorial nature of their products. From its texture to its weight, they want you to feel the difference in their formula.

Clean Easy Color: Kosas makeup has major pigment, glow, and stay-all-day power that goes from natural to bold looks. It’s loose, quick, active clean beauty that works the way you want it to.

They are cruelty-free and leaping bunny certified.



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