ECOCOCO is an Australian owned + made Wellness and Lifestyle brand developed with natural, organic + performance based ingredients featuring Certified Organic Coconut Oil as the hero ingredient.

The range includes a beautiful collection of vegan + cruelty free retail and professional products, for hair, skin, tan and body.

As well as Certified Organic Coconut Oil, ECOCOCO uses a wide range of natural and organic botanicals and mineral salts for the powerful healing and nourishing skin benefits.

The inclusion of oils from the South Pacific tropics such as Coconut Oil, Dilo Oil + Hibiscus Oil combined with the nutrient rich plant based botanical ingredients such as the Australian Native Kakadu Plum and Kangaroo Apple, curate the ECOCOCO range of ‘Beach Botanical’ products.

They embrace the benefits of beautiful essential oils and offer a range of relaxing Professional mind and body treatments – that draw on wellness philosophies from all over the world; including Thai and Chinese rituals + Ayurvedic Medicinal remedies.

Their professional face + body treatments also include the traditional practice of Crystal skin healing, dating as far back as the Middle Ages. At ECOCOCO they believe in offering exceptional experiences through beauty treatments that take your guests on a mind + body wellness journey that leave them feeling de-stressed + rejuvenated.


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